Meditation To Motivation For Schools


Why Meditation for students?

1. The number of children dealing with anxiety is increasing every year 

2. 2 million more children in the US were diagnosed with ADHD between 2003 and 2012. 

3. 1 million more children were taking medication for ADHD between 2003-2012 

4.  We know EQ (emotional quotient) is a strong predictor of later success in children 

5. Lack of self-awareness and mindfulness impacts a child’s whole life a. Family b. Schooling c. Physical health d. Relationships with peers 



Here’s what research says about mediation for children. 


Kids learn to become more aware of their own bodies and their reaction to stress so that they can better take control of their emotional and physical states. This ability to calm themselves when they experience stress is an invaluable tool! 


 Solutions to these concerns! 

1. Children who practice meditation have improved relationships with their parents 

2. They have a better sense of self esteem 

3. Students improve their coping mechanisms for dealing with stress 


 Objectives / Goals 

Objective 1:  Increase attention span within the classroom 

Objective 2: Decrease bullying and other negative peer behaviors 

Objective 3: Improve grades 

Objective 4: Decrease office referrals for misbehavior 

Objective 5: Increase over all culture of your school building 

Because we are already an approved CPS vendor the process is simple. Contact us to discuss how we can help your students increase their EQ while becoming the best student they can be. We have some limited spaces left for this school year so call and reserve your date for us to visit your school and start your children on a path that will change their lives. 

For the biggest benefit to your students we look forward to building a great relationship with you and your students.  It is life changing. 



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