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My name is Baron Stewart, the owner of Meditation To Motivation.  Welcome to my powerful practice! When people ask me how I came to be in this field, I have to answer that it came to me. I first thought it was meant to be a music industry professional, but I soon realized the Almighty and Divine had different plans for me. Although I enjoyed meeting and connecting with new people, being exposed to the negativity of the music industry took a heavy toll on my mind. In 2013 I began practicing meditation to simply ease my mind, as that was just the beginning of my journey. As months begin to pass, I had no idea that I would learn to access the parts of my subconscious mind that has everlastingly changed my life.  

As a single father I instantly saw the importance in practicing with my son who was at the time only 6 years old. After losing my mother in 2013, it had a major emotional effect on my Son's focus in school.  But with the daily practice of mindfulness meditation, my son began to display more signs of positive actions in and out of school. 

In 2014 my work in the music industry transitioned into managing the Yemi Marie anti-bullying program where we toured over 30 Chicago Public Schools teaching inner city children the importance of mind power and positive energy. 

In 2016 I felt a strong desire to be of service and help people of all ages and backgrounds to awaken and transform to live the highest version of themselves.  My desire to help others really transformed into a calling I could not ignore. 

Deciding to pursue my true purpose (to help people improve their lives and live to their fullest potential), I began my formal training under the highly experienced Australian based meditation expert Peter Radcliffe. I've now completed and became a certified meditation leader of Chicago with the Skillful Mind Meditation leaders as well as becoming a Certified Life Coach with Expert Ratings Certified Professionals.

I have a deep sense of compassion and clarity as I listen to what it is that your highest version of yourself wants to create and experience. The highest version of yourself can be called many things. Your spirit, consciousness, your Higher Self, call it what you may, what it always wants for you is your truest aim and the best outcome. From my personal experience, when we live the highest version of ourselves it truly brings joy, fulfillment, abundance and more. This gift is beyond anything we can imagine or envision. We just have to be willing and trust our higher selves. When I partner with you, you can be assured I am calling on us both to bring our true essence to the table. I work with you, not on you.


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